Monday, 18 June 2012

Our Weekend: Firsts

This weekend I think we saw in the start of the rainy season (booo) but I'm glad we'll be getting it out of the way and hopefully have some more sunny days before Autumn comes. We tried lots of new things this weekend, and also Tasha went to listen to a talk from a North Korean defector, I am so so sad that I missed it, mainly due to my bad timekeeping and a rubbish taxi driver. Tasha's offered to write a bit about the talk so everyone else can find out some of the stuff that goes on just miles away from Seoul...

Some new things we tried this weekend

  1. The PNU area of Busan, namely the bars called Crossroads and Soultrane where we got to dance to some of my favourite songs including Weezer and Jimmy Eat World, it's been far too long since I heard them played anywhere public (I miss Corp...).
  2. We also ate at a really nice restaurant in PNU although I doubt I will ever be able to find it again, and have no idea what it was called. 
  3. We went to our first metal gig in Korea on Saturday night at Club Realize in the KSU area, it was great to see some local bands and we were welcomed with open arms too. 
  4. It was also the first time I went to Club Elune in Haeundae, where I got to see lots of interesting dance moves from the Korean guys, I love how they dance, but more about that some other time!
  5. My last first of the weekend was eating at the amazing  Buccella sandwich shop in Haeundae. I loved it, not only because the food was delicious but also because it's on the sea front so the view only adds to its awesomeness!

And here are a few things that we did (again)
  1. Drank alot of soju
  2. Popped into our favourite makgeolli bar for a banana makgeolli.
  3. Went out in KSU.
  4. A lazy Sunday on Haeundae beach.
  5. Ate at Thursday Burger and Pasta.
  6. Spent alot of time in street bars talking to strangers.
  7. Danced like noone was watching in Eva's as they celebrated their 3rd year of being open!

A fun but exhausting weekend.

Makgeolli and nibbles
Tasha doing the honours
Club Realize
Haeundae Beach 
Buccella sandwich

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