Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday Favourite V7: Baskin Robbins

At the end of every week I'm going to write down one thing I love about Korea. Last week it was pity gifts and here is this week's...

I am currently on a hiatus from eating Baskin Robbins for a month, after having ice cream cake for breakfast and dinner two days in a row following Natasha's birthday. My favourite flavour is the candyfloss flavour. Mainly because it's an amazing mulch of pastel colours and has POPPING CANDY in it, always a winning recipe. As soon as this month\s finished I am straight on the ice cream fondue.

Meanwhile...Natasha's challenged herself to try every flavour before the year's out. She swears by the chocolate ice cream and loves to eat it with a cone- which i think should be avoided at all costs as cones only come with drama (spillages, breakages etc). Cups all the way!

Not only do I love BR for their amazing ice cream and cakes, but i love that they give out free lego ice cream trucks if you spend enough in one transaction... I'm not quite that hooked yet but maybe one day.

The only negative thing I have to say about it is my inability to spell the name. I am consistently inconsistent at the ways I spell Baskin Robbins and have noticed it's been called a number of different things throughout the posts on this blog! From now on I'll just call it BR to save my poor brain.

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