Monday, 21 May 2012

Our Weekend in Pictures

This weekend we celebrated Tasha's 27th birthday and I think it's one that she won't be forgetting any time soon... It started with baseball which turned into a bizarre night out in Nampo-Dong in a Korean night club, next was a trip to Daegu to practise roller derby with the ROKD ladies, a swift KTX ride back to Busan so we could go out in KSU, no time for sleep but Haeundae beach seemed like a good idea at 8am in the morning, tried to sleep it off there but just got sun burned. The best bit was Tasha being so deliriously tired that she managed to walk all the way into my room and stand there for several seconds before realising there was Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday blaring out, a massive cake and lots of presents waiting for her! What was even better was Birthday cake for breakfast this morning.

A street vendor casually chilling with a kitten on his shoulder.
Happy Faces all around when he let us hold it. Not so happy
faces from him when I pretended to run away with it.

Sajik Baseball stadium
Homemade pom poms
Sleepy Giants Fan
Bet he's had a fair few trips from the tooth fairy
Alternative head wear

Bag Heads
Noone wanted to join in our metro party
The third set of people asking for their picture to be taken with us
The fan then preceded to take us to a techno club
Escorted home
Daegu for the ROKD monthly scrimmage
ROKD ladies in action
Trying to get the Baskin Robins cake home in one piece
Ready for birthday fun
The lovely Maybelle Kim
Our view in the morning
I don't know how he stayed asleep this long
Secret birthday hijack attack Natasha. Stevie Wonder was
playing and everything. 
Birthday cake which turned into Monday's breakfast
Trying to embarrass her failed miserably. She loved it.

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