Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Our Weekend: Happy Birthday Buddha

This weekend was a long one due to it being Buddha's birthday on Monday. We headed to Seoul for the first time to join our friends saying farewell to Becky at the World DJ Festival. Sadly she's on a flight back to England as I type. It was an eventful weekend filled with kigus, apocalyptic-esque storms, the dirt or tan game, and for me alot of sleep. I was in bed before 12 both nights, luckily a wide awake Tasha woke me up on the last night, twenty minutes before the end. I went back to main stage where the final song was cut off half way through and everyone was sent away...very anti-climatic.
Decided to pack lightly, taking just a tent, a torch and some jelly snakes.
Tasha trying to sleep on the corridor chair on the KTX
All the girls BEFORE the festival had started.
48 hours later...
On the hunt for food after the first night.
The storm approaching.
Storm damage.
Rocking the wet, bedraggled look.
This was where the main stage was before the storm.
The lucky few tents to stay standing.
Tasha walking in her hero's footsteps, she'll never be as good a
drummer as Bieber though.
One way to get instant campsite fame, while simultaneously
losing all shreds of your dignity.
Headlock of doom
Kigu night two.

Desperately clinging onto the tents and crying through the storm, and her passport taking a detour just hours before her flight are things I doubt Becky'll be forgetting anytime soon. I don't think I've ever enjoyed showering as much as I did last night, but sadly it turned out there was no tan, just dirt, dirt, dirt.

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