Sunday, 13 May 2012

New Camera

The unexpected end of Natasha's camera gave me the motivation to finally buy my own. For months I've been reading reviews on DSLRs and weighing up the pros and cons of what to get. I finally decided on the Canon Powershot SX40 HS which is a point and shoot camera, instead of a DSLR.

Although I love the idea of being able to explore lenses, I realistically don't think I'll need them. This meant that the SX40 was the only choice for me, as it's the newer model of my mum's camera, which I love. Before I left England I took some pictures with her camera at Clumber Park just on the auto setting. Pretty good for a point and shoot, right?

I don't live too far from Nampo-Dong which is known as the camera district of Busan. I was all ready to go exploring the smaller camera shops in the underground shopping mall, but after reading lots of warnings on sites like this and this about box prices and grey markets, I decided to buy mine at Lotte.

Since we got home I've been waiting for it to charge, and in the mean time have found a really good series of tutorials on youtube here to help with understanding functions and settings properly.

I may be brave enough to go to the smaller camera shop to buy a tripod, so I can become a proper tourist. I'm hoping to give the self photographing girls of Korea a run for their money!

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