Friday, 4 May 2012

Friday Favourite V3: Etude House

I've decided that at the end of every week I'm going to write down one thing I love about Korea. Last week it was the man bags and here is this week's...

Etude house is enough to make me sick with happiness, and it would be sick made of rainbows, lucky charms and unicorns. Imagine the love child of Benefit and Barry M, pimped out by Boots No.17. That's the only way that I can describe Etude House to anyone that lives too far away to experience it.

Etude House is a cosmetic shop which's a pink, shabby- chic, doll house-esque boutique. It looks like the perfect setting for the sleepover of a sweet 16 birthday party. With products in pretty packaging at a price that makes me stand looking at the tag, converting to pounds, back to Won and back again, and then gasp 'No way' to myself.
Plus, super added bonus, is that all the directions have English instructions too. Awesome!

I find myself making needless excuses just to go. So far I've tried face wipes, face masks, cleanser, nail varnish, nail art pens, hand cream and a lipstick. What makes it even better is that every time you buy something you are given a sack of freebies as well (I may be exaggerating a little here). I bought one face mask the other day and they gave me three free.  That's three times as many as I originally bought if you can't do the maths. I snuck out, expecting them to stop me and tell me that they had made a horrible mistake, but instead I had cotton wool pads thrust into my hands on the way out. More Freebies.

The nail varnish costs roughly 60p, comes in too many colours for my head to comprehend and it didn't budge off my nails all week. My favourite colour so far is Tasha's matt lilac one. The nail art pens were £1.20 and I've wasted many an hour drawing ridiculous baby pink patterns on my poor claws. The lipsticks, although they don't wear quite as well as my favourites, come in a cute pink tube with a bow tied around it. At £4 they aren't as cheap as some of the other products, but they're cheap enough to keep in my bag on a night out, and I wouldn't shed a tear if I lost it, unlike some my Mac ones.
Lipstick and hand cream
Whenever I walk in, one of the lovely service assistants will trot upto me, and cue a fun game of charades as I try to explain to them what I'm after, or they attempt to hard sell me something. Not happening. My favourite girl works in the Nampo branch on the main street and seems to love to use me as a tool to better her English.

If that wasn't enough reasons to love the store, they use guys for advertising probably 60% of the products. It never fails to make me laugh immaturely to myself when I see the 6 foot cut out in the door of a guy applying lip balm. Currently they have a K-Pop boy band, SHINee! As the face of their brand, asking Korean teens 'Wanna be Sweet?'. The other face of Etude is the stunning Sandara Park who's an actress and girl band member of 2NE1.

The only thing I'm super wary of is the fact that they put lightener in some of their skin products and foundations. One too many times I've seen a grandma rocking the six months dead look. Step back from the skin whitener, no ajumma, no!

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