Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Care Packages V2

Hurray! Another care package arrived at the end of last week. I don't think the novelty of receiving gifts from home will ever get old.

This one was sent from my lovely friend Pauline, a.k.a Jane Doe A Go Go to the roller derby world. Just the one who's to blame for my obsession with roller derby...

It arrived a couple of days after Natasha's birthday. She'd been receiving a huge pile of post most mornings so it was a nice surprise to find one addressed to me tucked amongst the birthday gifts...although I said to Tasha that I'm unsure as to whether this may fall into the pity present category. I don't mind though, I'm enjoying reaping the benefits of being pitied!

I was treated to:

1.Cadbury's Creme Eggs. Slightly melted and disfigured.
2.Jelly Snakes. Unfortunately I decided to take the Jelly snakes with us to the World DJ Festival this weekend and they got washed away by the storm. Those that didn't get washed away lurked in the sand and inconveniently stuck to the bottom of your shoe when you stepped on them.
3.A letter on stationary that is cute enough to compete with my vomit inducing stationary.
4.Finally she included a programme from the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls' most recent home game, where both Natasha and I get a mention...

So thankyou GoGo! I loved it all and now only have the photo and programme left of what was in there...

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