Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Care Packages V1

Nothing puts a smile on my face more than getting a care package filled with my favourite bits from home. Especially ones that arrive on my desk completely out of the blue on Monday mornings.

I ripped open the crisp brown paper and the first thing that greeted my eyes was a gorgeous paperchase box that matches my kindle cover. Over here there is a company called Artbox, which is similar to paperchase, which I've wasted many an evening looking around and persuading myself that I could find a use for everything in there.

When I took off the lid I think my face must have mirrored Mickey's from the Goonies as he first met One Eyed Willie and his treasure. Inside there was:

1. Paperchase stationary. Including the cutest butterfly shaped paperclips and highlighters with happy cat faces on them.
2. Cadbury's chocolate. Something I miss everyday out here.
3. A strawberries and cream Chupa Chup.
4. White Chocolate buttons.
5. A Lemon Muffin flavoured lip balm. I'm so excited about trying this one out, but i'm saving it until my cherry coke one has finished.
6. A Sherbert Fountain. I've not had one of these in years and it was probably the thing I got the most excited about. Not only will it make me nostalgic for England, but also the 90s when I was a primary school kid, and used to be given £1 to go round to the local shop on a long Summer evening after school. This would definitely be something I would buy, along with Millions, Wham bars and massive sheets of rice paper with money printed on it!
7. Last and in no way the least, Parma Violets and Love Hearts! If anyone knows me even remotely well they will know how much I LOVE Parma Violets. They will also know that i love the sweets so much that they inspired my roller derby name, Parma Violence. I think they're a bit like marmite, you either love the fact that they taste like you're eating powdered flowers, or you hate it!

So thank you to my lovely friend Stacey for my totally unexpected care package. I love that it was packed up with so much thoughtfulness and care.

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