Sunday, 1 April 2012


It finally feels like Spring has arrived in Korea - and thus my hunt for a camera has begun! I promised that by the end of the year I would have saved for an SLR, but I've decided I want to take photos of everything I'm seeing for the first time with it, and therefore want it before the cherry blossom comes out. If anyone has any suggestions then please help!

We've seen some really amazing things this weekend, Gwangali Beach that's in the shadow of the prettiest bridge I've ever seen, Busan Tower and it's tranquil gardens, and not to mention the finale of Gossip Girl Season 1! But I think Busan Tower might turn out to be one of my favourite places to go, I loved how all the old folk seemed to congregate there on the steps and play board games together, and how you feel a million miles away from the jam packed, noisy streets below. (Also the fact you get up there on the elevator appealed to my lazy side!).

Add to that a good night out on Saturday, ridiculously cheap nail art pens that means i can draw sickly pink bows on my nails, and a can of cherry coke, and this weekend turned out to be another good one.

Undoubtedly, the weekend always comes around so quick, but it's over even quicker and I think we both still get Sunday night blues here, which makes it easier to think about the things you miss at home, I would kill for a brew made in a tea pot right about now. But there's still so much to look forward to as well, my first roller derby practise next week with ROKD is probably my favourite at the moment!

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