Sunday, 29 April 2012

My weekend

My love for volleyball wasn't just strengthened by the fact that most of my classes were cancelled on Thursday and Friday, starting the weekend very early. BUT I loved how bothered about it the parents were, and the fact they used Starbucks' Frappuccinos and Paris Baguette cakes to bribe me into supporting their team.
After the volleyball, the parents of 5th grade put on a meal for the teachers. A bottle of Johnnie Walker per table proved to make quite an amusing night. It made the fact we were eating BBQ'd intestines not seem quite so bad, infact they didn't taste too gross, but the texture was just like you were chewing fat. The highlight of the meal was as we were leaving one of Natasha's homeroom teachers made everyone get in a circle, all put our hands in and do an 'I Love You!' chant...bizarre! This was followed by a No Age gig at Vinyl Underground in KSU.

Saturday was the nicest day we've had in Busan so far, so it seemed rude not to go to Haeundae beach and have a nap. Here are a couple of the sights we took in on the beach...

Innovative way to keep your scalp getting burnt//
Korean Nick Grimshaw// The boy whose head hair
and bum crack hair seemed to touch
When the sun went down we headed over to Gwangali beach to get some food and meet up with friends. Cass, fireworks and one of the most amazing views made it a perfect night.

I feel so tired after this weekend, so a pot of tea at what's becoming my favourite place in Busan, Dana's organic tea room, and The Avengers was the perfect end to an awesome weekend.

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