Thursday, 5 April 2012

Meat Sweats Ahoy

It's been 3 weeks today since we landed in this strange parallel place, and I am quite shame facedly admitting that today was the first time that we tried a  Gogi Gui restaurant.

Gogi Gui is meat cooked on a BBQ. I'd heard about these by loads of people before we arrived but at first it was just a little bit too daunting to try. But tonight we'd been camera shopping in Nampo for a couple of hours and were starving as we walked down a road lined in these type of restaurants. It smelled absolutely amazing so we decided to give it a go.

We picked a pretty busy restaurant that had a few empty tables at the back, so we could hide away while watching what everyone else did. We got in and slipped our shoes off, and then weaved amongst the busy tables and the people sat on the floor to the very back. I've never eaten in a restaurant sat on the floor with no shoes on so that was two big 'firsts' conquered.

In the centre of the table is a small grill plate and a little box with chopsticks, spoons and serviettes in them. The waitress came over and it was a matter of us just pointing at something and hoping for the best.

In just a few minutes they came back with a plate of raw beef, salad, kimchi, pickles and a noodle dish. She flicked the gas ring on, and left us to it with pincers and scissors in hand. These sides were soon joined with soup and an omelette type dish. This is my favourite thing about the Korean food, that every meal has so much variety to it.

Luckily, just after we had sat down, two other girls sat on the table next to us so we kept a sly eye on them to check that we weren't doing anything too abnormal. Apart from a bout of pins and needles from sitting in a weird position whilst trying to cover my modesty, I think we did pretty well. The atmosphere was really relaxed, and people were just casually donning aprons, drinking Cass and chatting.

The meal was mouth wateringly good, we were really full and all for under £9, I can see us trying to rationalise the fact that it would be pretty rude NOT to make this a regular occurrence.


  1. Mads shall I do some rice as you don't seem to mention any rice. I am not sure I can manage without That.

  2. We get lots of rice at lunch time!! I think you would be impressed with the vast array of rice that's served up, we even had some purple rice the other day with kidney beans in it!