Saturday, 21 April 2012

Friday Favourite V.1: With Cat, Cat Cafe

I've decided that at the end of every week I'm going to write down one thing I love about Korea. I'm a bit late this week but here goes!

When I was six I had something that amalgamated two of my greatest loves into one thing. It was my pet cat, who I’d had the privilege to name, and I named him Moonwalker. Moonwalker was an over weight black furry bundle of joy that would remind me of my favourite singer and film every time I fussed him.

That was before the days where Michael Jackson had all the surgery and all the kid stories started floating around. The film is still pretty awesome though. As I’ve got older, I’ve got other things that I’ve discovered and grown to love, like tea. Many an afternoon I’ve spent with a good brew, pondering over how the hell Jacko did that weird leany thing in this video 7:16 mins in. But cats have always been a constant love of mine. 

Imagine then, how happy I was when I discovered that here in Korea there are Cat Cafes. It was rainy and dismal here in Busan. But as soon as we stepped into the cat café I was in a pastel paradise. A massive array of teas were on offer, served in teapots (I’ve not seen enough of them here!) which you could enjoy while having these cats struggle for your attention. 

 There were big ones, small ones, fluffy ones, bald ones, dressed up ones, Siamese ones, ones with weird lacey collars on and a grotesquely fat one. 

 I had read before I came that these weren’t the best places for cats, that they had their claws removed so that they couldn’t scratch the school girls that loved to pull their tails and taunt the cats, so I was a little suspicious of the place at first. As soon as we got there I was happy that the owner warned us that they may scratch, that the cats trotted to greet us promiscuously seeking out our attention. I was also relieved when I heard them purr. 

Needless to say I’ve come home super happy, although drugged upto the eyeballs on anti-allergy tablets. All I need to do now is out smart the cat lord on my next visit who was loitering there with his cat treats, obviously having had a bath in cat nip scented bubbles and had them swarming around him like minions…jealous much?


  1. Bahaahaaa! That silly ginger one is almost the same size as you Maddie!
    Also, I want to work there please!

  2. Main duties to work there seemed to be breaking up cat fights, chasing off the cats that managed to stealth it into the kitchen and lick the cream off the dirty plates and making people confused by making them change their shoes every two minutes... all whilst wearing a massive apron of course!!

  3. That Russian Grey looks exactly like my cat Etty i had in Korea! Next time you're there, ask it it's name. I hope she didn't fake her death..

  4. That one was my favourite! So friendly!