Saturday, 10 March 2012

So Long Cineworld

I knew that boy in Chronicle was gonna be a psycho...mainly because I saw it in the advert.
I really need to think more before I speak, but at least it got a few laughs at my expense!

We're still here! We've been waiting around for Monday to come when we can go pick up our visas, and for the agency to confirm when our flight is, which should be Wednesday at the latest! Exciting!

I'm kinda glad we have had these few extra days at home as I've been feeling pretty rubbish since Monday so I've been doing nothing all week, apart from abusing the last few days left on my Cineworld Unlimited card - much to the dismay of the other viewers as I've been repeatedly blowing my nose very loudly.

So here are my garbled thoughts on the films I've seen...

Chronicle. Although a little predictable (mainly cause of the trailer!) and some things left a little unexplained(the giant fairy light in a hole in the ground that makes your nose bleed and gives you the ability to fly), I loved how it was filmed and thought that it sometimes verged on epic.
The Woman in Black. Creepy locals and a crazy dog lady watched from behind my jittery hands.
The Vow. Rachel's bad hair and Channing's inexplicably fat neck...the story line wasn't interesting enough to stop me from making these sorts of observations.
Project X. Awesome soundtrack, needlessly annoying character called Costa, but pretty funny to watch.
The Descendants. Amazing Hawaiian scenery, nearly made me do a cry several times (which would have been embarrassing for everybody) and I loved Alexandra and her friend Sid as she taught her dad how to man up!
Bel Ami. Edward Cullen before Bella being even more cold and calculating in a period drama coupled with Uma Therman talking in a weirdly husky voice, but came out loving Christina Ricci even more.
Wanderlust. I love Paul Rudd, he never lets me down. 'Nuff Said!
This means War. 'He's British' 'That's as bad as having small hands'...What does this mean? Felt mildly offended for the rest of the film, the thigh slapping by the gent further down the aisle didn't improve things either...

Although I'm a little gutted to be missing the first Hunger Games movie coming out I have managed to persuade Tasha into one more cinema trip on Monday to see The Raven- we should also be proud owners of our South Korean visas then! Every cloud... 

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