Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Moving Day!

It's finally here!

After trekking back down to London and having a few moments where it looked like we might not get there in time to pick up our visas, thanks to the bus being super later, we finally got them and confirmed our flights for today at 17:00.

I'm glad I've had the last few weeks to see everyone and after a couple of teary goodbyes I'm finally ready to go. A final DQ, a colouring in session with the roller girls on Old No. 7's tables, a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and gorging on Bannoffee pie (Because i have the excuse I won't get to eat it for another year) have all been highlights.

We're now waiting in the lounge ready to board our first of three flights, and I'm trying to ignore the fact that I've got several necklaces on and about 3 jackets to wear to try and keep the weight of my case down. My carefully packed hand luggage has already been unpacked by security, thinking I was carrying some sort of weird musical instrument and Tasha had to explain it was a pair of skates while i was patted down...See you on the other side!

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