Monday, 26 March 2012

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Little did I know on Friday night when I was happily stuffing my face with bangers and mash and cocktails in the Wolfhound, an Irish pub in Haeundae, that in the early hours of Sunday morning I would be hoisted up by a young Korean guy, infront of a crowd of hundreds of drunk and dancing people at Club Fix.

Saturday morning turned out to be bright and breezy so we headed to Dadaepo beach, a remote little beach on the South coast of Korea. Coming out of the station we checked the map and headed in the direction of the beach, thinking it would be a short leisurely walk. Little did we know it was about a 5 mile walk through an industrial estate with very few pavements.

I’d seen that there was a kite festival at the beach being advertised, and when we got there there was the grand total of about 5 kites billowing in the wind, not quite what we were expecting. We went for a walk along the coast where there were some amazing views. This will be the perfect place for picnics once the weather heats up.

On Saturday night we put on our dancing shoes and caught the metro to Seomyeon. The streets of Seomyeon were packed with lots of young Koreans and illuminated with so many signs it was hard to know where to look.

Club Fix was a maze of different floors, and I couldn’t believe how many people were packed into the club. Some highlights of the night were the DJ’s jacket, which was a semi transparent, neon orange gauze-like Adidas tracksuit top and these amazing fruit platters that seemed to magically appear when you sat down at a table. Round all of this off with a McDonalds breakfast, and it was a pretty good night. I’m still trying to forget about the lifting incident and hope the scrawny boy isn’t laid out in bed with a bad back.

Sunday brought us more sunshine so we wandered down the road and finally got to Nampo, which is the home of the Busan International Film Festival, I’m really happy that it’s so close to us. The streets were bustling, there were hundreds upon hundreds of market stalls selling just about everything. Everyway we looked there were cute and kitsch stores and signs that made us ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaah’. We stopped off at the most adorable coffee shop and ate such good cake.

Now I’ve found the cake and cocktails and so many cute things here I’m really starting to feel like I can settle in.

How to get there:

Club Fix: We're convinced that there is some sort of wizardry going on with Club Fix. It seems impossible to find, then just when you're about to give up, it appears very vividly right infront of your eyes and you wonder how you ever missed it, but as soon as you leave it disappears again. SO here is where I think it is:

-Get to Seomyeon. We go by metro.
-Once at the metro, leave via. exit 2 and walk down the main road(the one with McDonalds and American Apparel on).
-Take the second main road on your left and it should be on the right hand side.
-It's 8 floors up, so you will only see a white club fix sign at street level, along with the ticket booths.

Also, if you join their facebook page, every weekend they put up a status, which if you like they will give you free entry. Otherwise it's 20,000 won which is pretty expensive. Make sure you take I.D though as they have been funny about this in the past!

Dadaepo Beach: I think this beach will turn out to be best for picnics and getting away from the bikini clad bods at Haeundae. Apparently the fountain there is supposed to be awesome too!

-Catch the orange line metro headed to Sinpyeong and get off at Sinpyeong. --Don't make our mistake and try to walk to the beach. Catch a taxi from outside the station, it came to about 2,000 won which was really good to say how far away it is from the station.

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  1. Hurrah for cute and kitsch! I would like to see lots of photographic evidence though please ^_^