Sunday, 18 March 2012

Annyong haseyo Haeundae Beach!

I'm sure I'll be fluent in Korean after a year, but at the moment it's easier to do a mini bow to acknowledge people.

We were let loose on the streets of Busan this morning.

We wandered down into the metro, and surprised ourselves with how easy it was to buy a ticket, so decided to head out to Haeundae Beach. The feeling of pride I had as we got onto the right metro with our tickets in our hands was inexplicable. As was the interest we generated from a group of ladies, dolled up to the nines (for a Sunday morning) who openly gawped at us as they passed boiled eggs amongst one another and stuffed them in their Louis Vuittons.

The sun was shining at Haeundae, and it was the first time we'd seen Western people since we landed. (I know we shouldn't be excited about this, but I thought we might have seen a few more by now).

First off we followed some Americans into a bar which contrary to it's gross name, Fuzzy Navel, served pretty good Mexican food. This was soon joined by a donut that was topped with popping candy at Dunkin' Donuts...AMAZING!

By the afternoon the sun had got even hotter so we wandered down the beach where we saw an array of weirdly dressed and groomed rat dogs (I'm going to do a dog blog later)...but just as a teaser, I can honestly say that I have never seen a dog dyed neon colours before!
Busan Station// Haeundae Beach// Popping Candy Donuts//
Ultimate Frisbee Explained// Dipping my toes in the sea// Rock Surfing//
Dongbaek Park// The Sun// Market
We tried to figure out the rules of ultimate frisbee. It seems as though you have to wear strange head accessories, such as a bandana or sunglasses, or a combination of the two and act very dramatically ('We need more deefence on the oceanside' shouted at the top of your voice!) as a frisbee is thrown around...maybe I'll try it sometime.

Soon enough the drama of frisbee proved to be too much so we went for a walk by the coast and through Dongbaek Park. We were approached by an old man at the lighthouse, who called us Natashi and Madelime as he pointed out the best places to go in Busan and told us about being the president of a company and then (just as we thought he was going to ask us for money or try and sell us something) offered to take a picture of us together, and strolled off! Weird how in the UK you always suspect people are after something, when really people sometimes are just trying to be friendly!
We're now sat back at home, watching New Girl with our faces glowing a little red thanks to the sun, and although we have our first proper day of school looming over us tomorrow, I'm kind of happy that we've made our first own adventure into Busan -  maybe I will be able to survive a year after all! 


  1. What's happening with your foot in that final photo? I need an explanation please!

  2. Maybe we're sad and got a little over excited, but it's these amazing gun like things they have around the side of the beach which blasts all the sand off your feet and shoes! We were playing with them for ages, amongst loads of other young kids that were blowing them at leaves on the floor...small things!